Nansia Movidi


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"The knowledge that everyday there's something more to learn. something higher to reach. something new to see of others. makes each day infinity precious.

talent is an amalgam of high sensitivity; easy vulnerability; high sensory equipment; a vivid imagination as well as a grip on reality; the desire to communicate one's own experiences and sensations, to make one's self heard and seen."

-uta Hagen


I do Read...

...not big on novels. But will read any book on humans. Intrigued by human nature. The way we move, the way we work. The whys and the because. FASCINATING! 

We are all different but in some sort of way the same. Different programming. And yes we are born with certain qualities, but. They are useless if we don't develop them. Knowing who you are. Being comfortable under your own skin. That's the gift. The gift of life. Knowing what you need to come alive.

When people ask me why I am always happy. I say "You are as happy as you make up your mind to be." Out of my life experiences; I've learned that life is indeed short. So I choose to see the bright side of things. And if something hurts, I cry. I let it out. And I move on. Everything that happens to us is a part of what I like to call "the perfectly orchestrated dance of the soul."

Grateful for every person that has walked into my life. Even for a second. Whether that second was happy, sad or painful. They helped me be who I am today. They helped me clarify where I am going and the kind of person I want to be. And that makes life precious. Don't believe in regrets. Every interaction is different. And we are never in the same head space. We do evolve. We evolve every passing day, through human interaction.

I am not perfect. But I am me. What's important to me, is getting along with me. Being pure in the moment and most importantly, fair in my interactions. 


"The part of us...

that we imagine needs healing is not the part we create from; that part is far deeper and stronger. The part we create from can't be touched by anything our parents did, or society did. That part is unsullied, uncorrupted; soundproof, waterproof and bulletproof. In fact, the more troubles we've got, the better and richer that part becomes."

-Steven Pressfield


"I Think of life now as a wonderful play I wrote for myself. And so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing myself."

-Shirley Maclaine


"Life beats down and crashes the soul. And art reminds you that you have one."

-Stella Adler


"Silence has a myriad of meanings. Silence is an absence of words, but never an absence of meaning."

-Stanford Meisner


"The core of every character is their unfulfilled need."

"The heaviest impact of the work of art in the guts. Art does not reason. It manhandles you and changes you."

-Lawrence Durrell